Top 5 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Foods

Hypoallergenic cat foods provide a healthy diet for cats with allergies and persistent conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, typically by avoiding normal allergen triggers like beef, fish, or chicken. Some also incorporate “hydrolyzed” protein, which means a protein that has been broken into pieces excessively small to set off allergic responses. On the off chance that your cat is experiencing a potential allergic response, your veterinarian might suggest trying hypoallergenic food as a method for eliminating some potential causes of their discomfort.

“An allergy doesn’t mean an ingredient is terrible or unhealthy; it simply means that for reasons unknown, that pet’s body has an abnormal, allergic response to that ingredient,” Dr. Gabrielle Fadl, Overseer of Essential Care at Bond Vet, told The Spruce Pets.

1. Hill’s Prescription Diet Food Sensitivities Dry Cat Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet Food Sensitivities d/d formula addresses the most well-known cat allergens by incorporating only a single, non-allergenic protein source, with both venison and duck versions available.

Assuming that your cat’s allergic reactions are because of food, Hill’s Prescription Diet can soothe digestive issues, firm up your cat’s stool, and relieve skin aggravation. A complete and balanced formula incorporates elevated degrees of vitamin E, lots of fiber, omega unsaturated fats, and a limited mineral load to lessen calcium crystals and other urinary ailments normal to cats. Its triangle-shaped kibble has a high palatability score among cats as well.

2. Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

Rather than opting for a hypoallergenic protein source, the Royal Canin Veterinary formula uses hydrolyzed soy protein, breaking down the chemical structure sufficiently for it to retain nutritional value while shedding allergen triggers.

This hydrolyzed protein diet will require veterinary approval, however contains added ingredients for skin and coat health as well as digestive health, as well. Prebiotics like fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and beet pulp as a fiber source help cats with gastrointestinal concerns, while omega-3 health supports skin health and resistance.

3. Blue Buffalo Hydrolyzed for Food Intolerance

Hydrolyzed salmon is the essential protein in this excellent alternative to more expensive hypoallergenic foods. This diet requires veterinary approval however it contains no chicken, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial preservatives. It also contains probiotics for digestive health, omega-3s for skin and coat health, and different antioxidants. The food provides complete and balanced sustenance and comes in a round kibble shape.

Our research bunch found households who inclined toward Blue Buffalo cat foods saw the brand as the best value of any cat food we considered. It was also appraised highly for digestibility, with many cat owners reporting that Blue Buffalo was well-tolerated and suitable for their cat’s digestive health.

4. Natural Balance Grain Free Green Pea and Duck Formula

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets are dry cat food formulas that have only one essential protein source, which makes it easier to select food without your cat’s particular protein allergen. This replicates some of the features of our most loved hypoallergenic food, however without the requirement for a prescription. Natural Balance L.I.D. is an especially decent decision for cats with protein sensitivities, rather than a diagnosed allergy, however, any dietary changes should be done under the exhortation of a veterinarian if your cat has allergic reactions or sensitive digestive responses.

5. Evanger’s Super Premium Rabbit and Quail Dinner

Evanger has been making pet food since 1935, perfecting their formula over generations of cats. Their Rabbil and Quail dinner is the culmination of all that progress, creating a nutritious and interesting meal that

Evanger’s Super Premium Rabbit and Quail Dinner is a pate wet food offering a complete and balanced diet, with uncommon proteins that are less likely to set off an allergic response. It’s an incredible decision for animals with chicken or beef allergies. It uses all-natural ingredients, including liver for taste, and is cooked directly inside the can so there’s less an open door for outside contamination. Plus, it doesn’t need a prescription.

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